Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sewing sewing sewing...

Well I'm having all sorts of trouble with these photos... I can't seem to move them to where I want them, so sorry for the jumbled order...

Firstly here are my 3rd pair of Puppet Show shorts from O+S, I love these!!!  I have made a little chambray pair which are gorgeous, and another denim pair with Liberty trim... my girls look very cute in them!  They come together so quickly and easily and they're so cute!!

Here is a little Liberty top, the Ice cream social one, my first one, well I had to make two, but I've been slow to jump on this bandwagon... another great pattern from O+S...

Here are some bad shots of dresses I've made/making for myself... The first one is Vogue 1236 unfinished... I saw a photo of Princess Mary in a dress made from this fabric on the Tessuti website and I've tried to do something similar... the fabric is very light though and I'm not enjoying sewing with it.  I've lined it and with a belt I think it will be good.  The 2nd one is a copy of another dress I saw on Tessuti blog McCalls 6027 - my photo is terrible, I'm sorry.  It looks great on and I might even make another one I think... it was an easy pattern to make and it fits me like a glove! :)
Here are a couple of dresses for my daughters.  Again, I'm sorry for the bad shots. 

A couple of blouses for Ruby & Stella... both O+S... The first one needs the buttons and button holes done, I keep putting them off.  Perhaps I should go and do it now!  

Some more shorts from O+S for a friend's daughter...

The denim ones with Liberty trim for my girls...

Another dress for my girls... not great photos, but they are very cute on them... They're not very good models! :)

So there you go... my sewing efforts over the past little while...    I've also been busy buying patterns, something I do way too much of!!  I've bought quite a little collection of Citronille patterns, as well as some vintage dress ones for myself.  I also have a pattern from Christy that I need to make up.  I've got quite a few dresses for myself that need to be made.  I just need more time!  

I'm such a slack blogger.. I should have known I'd never have time to post... but I do enjoy sharing my sewing efforts with other sewers (and of course seeing what you're all up to!).  Thank you for reading.



  1. I love the O+S patterns, especially the little shorts you've made your girls. I'm so impressed by how much you manage to do, your little ones can't leave you much free time!

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