Monday, September 10, 2012

Ruby & Stella dresses

OK, I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've blogged... I'm really not very dedicated to this am I?!  I'm still here, still sewing, just very slack at taking photos of what I make and posting them...

I've been busy sewing for my little twin girls... they're 2 + 4 months now and so I can make size 3 dresses for them.  There are so many more options starting at size 3... very exciting!

Firstly we have a dress from Happy Homemade Vol 5.  I love it.  Chambray from Tessuti bought for me, last Summer I think.  Anyway, they will get loads of wear out of these.  I love it and think I'll be making more.

 Here is a McCalls I think... a great little pattern, and again I'll be making more - great for Summer!
 My first attempt at the Oliver + S bubble dress - I've been wanting to make this for ages but didn't have the pattern.  Thank God they released it as a downloadable one... it's so cute.  I'm thinking of some trim maybe across the bottom of the bodice, like Christy's :)
 Here is another one I've been dying to make for ages... I've seen so many lovely ones online... it's the Appoline from Citronille.  So cute... Love Liberty of London fabric.
 Another Oliver + S one... unfinished as yet.  I've got cute red flower buttons to put on the front.  It's a size 4 though, so it's a bit big.  I didn't want to buy the smaller size pattern just for the size 3.

I've been sewing lots of other things too... but I have no photos... how do you all do it?!

I seem to have this problem, I see things that other people make, I love them, so I make them.  Then I don't like them...  Like the Renfrew top.  First one I made was too small, so I made the bigger size, then it was too big... so I haven't worn them.  I've made about 3 dresses for Winter but haven't worn any of them... Does anyone else suffer from this?  I think I need to stick to kids clothes...  And Summer dresses for me, I love a Summer dress made by me... in fact I live in them in Summer.  I have loads of fabric ready for Summer dresses, so I really need to figure out how to take photos of myself...

Thanks for reading, sorry for being so slack,

Sam :)