Friday, October 8, 2010

Oliver + S

I have many Oliver + S patterns, some bought over a year ago and many bought since my girls were born, but I had not made any of them until recently. 

We had our girls christened last week (photos to come) and I suddenly realised that after the church they would have to take their gowns off but had nothing cute to wear!  So I whipped up these little skirts...

The pattern was great and I look forward to making them more skirts.  The fabric was $1 from Spotlight and I'm not that keen on it but I figured it was a way of testing the pattern.  The fabric was too thick to do buttonholes - I did a few but kept having to unpick them so I just sewed the buttons on the front!  It was a very easy pattern and I can't wait to try some more Oliver + S patterns. 

I then decided I had to make the sandbox pants that I'd had the pattern to for over a year!!!  Here's my model - sorry for the picture quality....

Again, I found the pattern to be brilliant, so easy to follow and just a great little pair of shorts made up.  He'll be getting more of those for Summer!! 

Last week I also whipped up these little shorts for him - my pattern and fabric I had in my stash...



Here is one of the quilt top for the girls - finished except for trimming.  I've also finished the backs - pale pink with a row of the squares from the front.  Now I just need to baste the three layers together - a job I hate... but I really want to get onto the hand quilting and get them finished for them. They're really lovely, the photo isn't very good, sorry.  I love the Liberty fabrics I've used. 

Anyway, it would seem that I've got my sewing mojo back and now that the girls are getting a little easier to handle I'm able to sew more.  Here's my three little munchkins...

How lucky am I????  I really do think that every day!  Even when I change three pooey nappies in a row!  :)

Sam x