Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I finally got my hands on our camera... my husband had his car broken into last week and they stole our camera. We're renovating a house and my husband has been taking photos of every stage along the way so suddenly we only have one camera and he's had it at the house! I've been so busy and wanting to upload photos but haven't been able to.
I went to the Sydney Craft & Quilt Show and bought a few fabrics... not too many, but some lovely ones. I could have gone crazy though, but I was on a deadline, my Dad was minding Johnny so Mum & I could potter without him. I found some Heather Ross Munki Munki at Patchwork on Central Park and just had to buy a metre... now I just need a daughter to make something for! Then I found a lovely little shop called Be Be Bold and they had a sweet baby cot quilt made with lovely Japanese prints so I bought some of those too! I'd like to re-create the quilt one day... I especially love the bear fabric in the middle with the lines of bears doing various activities - it's so sweet! I ended up buying a metre online from their shop after the quilt show - I might do a quilt with mostly that... not sure yet, but just had to have more! :)
I've finally decided on some fabrics for a quilt for my husband and I - I got the inspiration here. It's just so gorgeous, I've bought all the fabrics and now just need to start. I just love this line of AMH fabric, I know I'm late in falling inlove with it, but I just love it!!! I'll have to pay to have it basted, but I'm not sure whether I should quilt it myself (by hand) or pay someone to machine quilt it. I've never machine quilted so I don't want to start on such a big job! But the Anna Maria Horner fabric is a quite thick and I'm using it back & front so I'm not sure how I'd go hand quilting it?
I've finished my quilt for a friend who's pregnant. Well I have 2 friends who are pregnant so this is a girl quilt if one of them has a girl. I now need to finish the boy one! I'm really happy with this, it was fun to quilt, although I was a bit over it by the end... it's so bright and cheery though. I haven't washed it yet but I wanted to get some photos up.
I've started a stripy quilt, after the last one I need to do some straight line quilting... I've been inspired by all the lovely stripy quilts on flickr. I don't have any photos yet... So I need to quilt that, then quilt another boy quilt I've done the top of, then do our queen size quilt - I am going to be very busy!!! I love it!!!!!