Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big news to share....

It's not very clear... but that's twins!!!!!!  After a year of trying to get pregnant and stay pregnant, we've finally got some happy news to share!!!   We had our routine 7 week scan and saw a heartbeat and were elated, but then I had a bit of a scare at 9 weeks and begged for a scan... at the scan the nurse found two babies!!!!!  I was so shocked!!  And I had to ring my husband and tell him as he couldn't come with me.  It's still sinking in I think.

I've been waiting for the 12 week mark to share my news, and then I've been so sick and tired I just haven't had time to post....  I can't believe I'm pregnant with identical twins!! How exciting!  Also very overwhelming...  I am hoping for girls, as I already have a little boy, but I really just hope for 2 healthy babies to make it to full term!   Having twins means increased risks of lots of things, and as they're sharing a placenta there is also twin to twin transfusion syndrome to worry about, but I'm going to be positive and hopefully have a drama free pregnancy and birth!  I've been feeling incredibly tired though, and nauseas all the time... hopefully this will pass soon though, as I'm now 14 weeks along.

I haven't been doing any sewing to share... I did make a cute little dress for a friend but I forgot to take a photo - pregnant brain!?

Anyway, I am very excited about our fabulous news, and hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to do some sewing soon!!!

Sam x