Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sewing for kids...

Well I've been sewing like a mad woman... it started with a little dress for a friend's daughters 5th b'day party... I was really happy with the result:

Then I started making shorts... and it seems I can't stop!  :) 

These are for a friend's son who is a good friend of my son...

These are for my Johnny:

So what do you think?

And there's more to come!!  I'm like a woman possessed... I need to stop!   I think I'm on the last pair...

Next is dresses and tops for my little girls and then I can make dresses for myself without feeling guilty!! :)   I'm really looking forward to that... we've been having lovely weather in Sydney... makes me want to sew Summer dresses. 


  1. Oh bless, he makes a great little model. Love everything you made.

  2. Love when you get the sewing buzz! I've just got mine back after some weeks of morning sickness! Warmer weather is getting me excited for sewing for my girls too! Suz

  3. Must be the weather - I'm sewing like a mad woman too. The shorts are ace - love a little echino fabric!