Monday, August 31, 2009


I had a great weekend, I hope you did too.  It was lovely weather in Sydney and we went to a nearby Fete yesterday which was fun, we bought some 2nd hand books and toys and had a wander around.  There was a Craft stall run by a lovely lady Yvonne that I met at the park with the kids the other day.  They had some cute little things there for kids. 

I've made another pair of shorts... well two, but one pair is in my son's room where he's asleep so I can't show a photo yet.  I made another pair yesterday with the pocket & cuff playing around with the length of the cuff - the pattern is Make it Perfect.  Today I whipped up these cute ones.  I'm playing around with the pattern, lengths etc to see what works best, then I'll make lots!  That's the plan....   I'm going to applique a T-shirt to go with these too.

I'm really enjoying making these and I hope to make a lot more!!!  And sell some!  I'm finally going to try to make some money from all my sewing... I spend so much on lovely fabrics that I really need it start using it!  And hopefully make a little money to spend more on fabrics, and so the wheel of life goes!   :)   Fingers crossed anyway...

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