Friday, August 21, 2009

Stitches & Craft Show

I ventured out to Rosehill today to the Stitches & Craft Show, even though I'd read a post on a blog that put me off it.. I still went, mainly because I knew Amitie were there... I wish I could open an Amitie in Sydney! :)
Anyway, I started on the ground floor and was so disappointed... not in the stalls but in the layout, it was so confusing, with no clear path to follow. I then left my son with my Mum and went upstairs where the lovely girls from Prints Charming pointed me in the direction of the level above - where all the "bloggers" were! Thank you Kirsten! I forgot to buy a scarf kit for my Mum, she loved them when she saw them somewhere earlier... doh!
It was just wonderful to see the talent up there.. I loved it! I met some lovely girls... Nanette from Rummage who does such gorgeous free hand stitching on beautiful pillows and other wonderful things, they're so unique, I love them.
Dear fifi who I bought a pattern from and had a little chat to... and so inspired me. Your little creations are so cute!!
The girls at Ink & Spindle where I bought some lovely fabric.. I wanted to buy one of each! I love their work!
Kristen Doran - I have long adored her work... I finally bought something! Hopefully my son will love these as much as I do?
I really enjoyed being surrounded by such creative people and such beautiful things... ahhh!!! Thank God for Mum downstairs minding Johnny!
I finally found Amitie and bought these. I just love Amitie, you are so talented Jenny, I bought two quilt patterns as well as these fabrics, and I never buy patterns!
I couldn't decide on the colour I liked best with these so I just bought all three! :)
This is sooooo cool.... Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but I just had to have some. Jenny had a gorgeous quilt with some of this in it...
I left with a full bag and an empty wallet... and oh so happy. I am so glad I ventured out and I recommend going, just take the good with the bad. But isn't that life? :)
Oh, and I can't remember where I bought these from... but I love them too!
Sam x


  1. You lucky girl - all that talent under the one roof! Great purchases x

  2. Of course not Sam! The Good Folks fabric is too nice to keep hidden in your stash x