Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ideas coming alive...

Well I've been busy turning some of my ideas into realities... one is bags for young girls with Dolls appliqued on.  Here are the first two that I've done... early days!!!  They haven't had their faces stitched on yet, but they will, and then they'll be made into bags with bright coloured lining.  I think my pattern is a bit lop-sided and I need to play around with the applique stitching, but I'm pretty happy with my first attempt.   What do you think?

I also stayed up late last night making a pair of shorts for my little boy.  I've had the pattern for a while and have been meaning to try it out.  I struggled to get a photo of him this morning - he's still got his pyjama top on, sorry!  They're action shots?!  Again, not bad for my first attempt I think.  I'm looking forward to making another pair, hopefully tomorrow.   I'm really happy with the fabric, from Kelani, it's a lovely light weight denim that's lovely and soft. 
My dream will one day become a reality!  :)
Sam x


  1. Those pants are very cute! Which pattern is it?? Love the cuff and pocket.

    Babushka's coming along nicely x

  2. Love these little pants. Great cushions on the lounge too......assuming you made those as well.

  3. Thanks Kate, the pattern is Make it Perfect. I can recommend, it's easy.

    Thanks Karlyn, yes I did make the cushions.

  4. Those shorts look great, I love that pattern it is really straight-forward. I love the car linen? trim where did you get it?

  5. Thanks Rachel, isn't the car linen lovely? I didn't realise when I used it how expensive it was and that it's hard to get... the place I got it doesn't have anymore but I did find it at Superbuzzy.