Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I haven't written for a while... we've had a lot going on with our house reno and life but I've also been busy sewing!
It was my birthday too. My husband totally surprised me with a Kitchen Aid mixer!!! I've been wanting one for years but I certainly wasn't expecting it this year. I just love it! I am embarrassed to admit that the first thing I made with it was a packet cake mix! Terrible huh? Anyway, I made these lovely little cupcakes that I got the idea from retro mummy - thank you, they are very yummy. I swear next time I'll make my own vanilla cake mix though... I then made yummy little individual chocolate pudding deserts which were delicious!! The mixer is every bit as fabulous as I thought it would be, I love it! :)
I've finished hand quilting my baby boy cot quilt for a pregnant friend (if she has a boy)... My 20 month old son loves it - he keeps saying "woof woof" and "broom broom" and pointing at the dogs and cars... even a couple of "nays" to the bigger dogs! :)
And I've also finished the queen size quilt I've been piecing for my husband & I. I now just need to piece the back and then it's off to be basted. I think I've decided to hand quilt it, the biggest quilting job I've taken on - who knows when it will be finished!? Hopefully by next Winter!
I have other projects on the go already too.... I just love this quilt I came across on flick - it's just beautiful. And I have some Mendicino fabric stashed away so I'm going to make a quilt similar to this in the colours I have... I'm looking forward to that. It's simple but so lovely. And I bought some cute little panels - pink flower & blue car - from Prints Charming that I'm going to put in the centre of quilts. I wish I had more time to do all of the projects in my head! It makes my head spin sometimes... and my fabric stash is getting out of control!!!! I found out from the lovely Rita at Red Pepper Quilts that Amitie had the Kerchief Girl fabric in every colour so I just had to buy some!!! I can't wait for it to arrive. I'm so jealous of the Melbourne girls for that shop!


  1. Gorgeous quilts Sam - nice to see you back online! Very envious of your Kitchen Aid. Happy Birthday!

  2. Are these ever darling! Love what you did with the strip quilt, the stitching is such a nice touch!

  3. that quilt for your bed is so beautiful, can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Thank you so much.

    I'm really happy with my strip quilt, I do love the extra little touch that the hand quilting adds...

    And my quilt for our bed is off to be basted, finally!! I have to wait 6-8 weeks for it though. Then God knows how long it will take for me to quilt it!