Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well, this is my first post and I am very excited to finally have my own blog, but a bit nervous about how I will find the time to actually post on it!
I love sewing! I sew clothes, quilts, bags, just about anything really. Mostly I make quilts for friends who have babies.... and other little gifts for them too. I wish I had more time to do it... but my little boy, lovely 17 month old Johnny, keeps me very busy. We would love to add to our family soon too, so I'll probably have even less time.
I have tonnes of finished projects that I'll have to upload but currently have two projects on the run... quilts. This is one of them:
It's for a friend who's pregnant. Well I have 2 friends who are pregnant so I'm making a quilt for a little boy and a girl and hoping that they don't have the same sex! Otherwise I'll have to make another one!
I'm not sure about this quilt. I used this as a pattern but Sewing Geek's is soooo much nicer... I'm just not sure about my fabric choices in this pattern. A friend gave me a voucher for Prints Charming and I went crazy with their blue range, it's very bright. I'm not sure if it's too crazy bright??
The other quilt is pink but I don't have a photo yet... I will try to post one in the next day or so. It's also Prints Charming fabrics, from my voucher. Thanks so much Trish! :)

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