Monday, May 18, 2009

Grace's bag

I was busy on the weekend making a bag for a friend's daughter who is having her 4th birthday party this weekend. It's made of canvas with a flower & her initial appliqued on with a piece of felt & a button for the centre of the flower. I'm going to buy a couple of books to go in it. I hope she likes it. I'm happy with it, the only thing I'd change is the bit at the bottom that makes the bottom of the bag, if you know what I mean - I cut a 2" square out of each corner, I think it only needed a 1" square cut out... oh well, live and learn! I went shopping again too...I am so naughty! I found some Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy fabrics so went a bit crazy and bought all they had of 2 prints... and quite a bit of another. They're so lovely and you can't get them anymore, I just had to! I also just had to have some Liberty... I've seen so many lovely fabrics on Flickr that other people have and I just had to have some of my own!
I also found time to baste one of my quilts so now I can start hand quilting... I'm going to start now while my little one is asleep.


  1. Oh well done...the bag looks stunning. Good on you for treating yourself to some fabric, especially if it's going to be obsolete soon - you'd be mad not to :) It all looks lovely.

  2. That bag is so sweet and I love the idea of the initial. Very envious of your recent purchases...well done!