Friday, May 8, 2009

Eva's quilt

I finally finished Eva's quilt and washed it and posted it off. Eva's mum, Lara, loved it!! Which made me very happy! I'm always a bit nervous giving someone a quilt and very happy to hear that they like it! Eva is only a few weeks old so I hope she has it for years to come! I am really happy with the overall look of the quilt, but still not sure about the quilting... I think I would have liked to have done some more squares around the squares I did in the middle of some pieces... but it's gone now! Now I think I'm going to unpick the boy's quilt I've done and change the pattern. I love the one I used: But I just don't think it's worked with my fabric selection. I might just go for random sized squares, rectangles, etc like Eva's quilt. I just can't baste & quilt a quilt that I don't love, and I just don't love this one... I really don't like the task ahead - unpicking the whole quilt - at least they're big pieces! I really need to learn how to take good photos of my quilts! These really don't do it justice.


  1. Oh oh, just stumbled upon your blog - Love It! Love this quilt too - inspiring!

  2. Me again - you have totally inspired me to make a quilt. Where do you buy your fabrics from?

  3. Hi Polka Dot Daze, sorry I haven't replied earlier, I'm still new to this and I haven't been checking the comments section. I buy fabrics from a lot of places, but most of the fabrics for this quilt were bought on - a lot of Japanese fabrics... then some from shops near me. I hope that helps, please ask if you want more information, I'm very happy to help!