Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sewing clothes...

I've been busy with the Tova pattern and I love it!  I've seen it made up by others and had to have some of my own.  It is such a lovely pattern to make... it's so easy and comes together so well.  I have already made two and I'm half way through my third, with fabric ready to make a fourth.  I will have to leave it there, otherwise I might be known as the Tova lady...

 I've also been busy with dress for friends' daughters birthdays.  This is another pattern that I love!!  I can't wait to make it for my girls - I just need them to start walking!  :)   It's from a Ottobre magazine and it's called the Babushka Doll dress.  I think I'll be making quite a few of these!

My little girls turned one recently - 4 May 2011.  We had a little party to celebrate.  I can't believe I've had twin daughters for a year... it has gone so quickly.  I still remember the day they told me I was having identical twins.. wow.  I said "Oh my God" for about a week!!   It was such a shock, but having always wanted 3 children I felt very happy.  We are so lucky!!!!  They are just wonderful and as exhausted as I am, I am also very happy.  

Ruby on the left and Stella on the right.

I have another milestone approaching too... my 40th!  Shhhh!  :)

Sam x


  1. I turned 40 right before Emily turned one and Helen was 2.5. I was exhausted too! But it so worth it, especially when they get to that proper play together stage and then you just watch them with joy. And when they are asleep. Even better!!!

  2. I love the Tova too! I have the fabric to make three more, which will make 4 in total. Love seeing the sewing progress. Congrats on the upcoming milestone!!

  3. Hey Sam, You have a no-reply profile on blogger, so I can't answer your comment.

    So to answer your comment - I really think it’s the same fabric. I’ve been wanting to buy it for a while, but you know – money, practicalities, etc.

    I found it in Marrickville on Illawarra road, next to Banana Joes

    I’m super excited about it, but I have so much in the sewing cue at the moment that I don’t know when I”ll get to it. I also need to wait for a vogue pattern sale 

    I’m totally bummed about getting the Tessuti sale email today. I spend a bit in there on Tuesday, so it would have been nice to get a discount.

    Happy sewing!


  4. I love the 'tova' too - where did you get the pattern? Its fantastic, looks very versatile. Love your family pics, can't believe you have time to sew with little ones. I have three too but they are 11mths, 3 and 6 - little different. Certainly keep you busy don't they?
    Happy Stitching, Susie