Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dress love....

I love wearing dresses in Summer, do you?  Especially now after 3 children and some extra weight - dresses can be very forgiving!  :) 

Firstly, one I made for Christmas Day (above).  I loved it, until I sawe this photo of it from behind... not so happy with it now.  I love the fabric, and the pattern, although I had to take it in quite a lot in the sides for it to fit me.  It's a Simplicity Threads pattern - 3678 view A.  The pattern was great and I look forward to makign it again, this time with fabric that doesn't require lining... It made the dress bulky where it was gathered I felt. 

This next one I started with a Burda pattern after seeing it made up and liking it Black-eyelet-seersucker-maxi-dress.  Nicole's looks great and I thought I'd make it and make some changes to the straps etc... but it just didn't look right.  Here's me holding it closed at the back to take the photo.  I'm just not happy with the bodice, so I found another pattern, Butterick 5181 - and made that bodice instead.  I am so much happier with the finished product and now live in this dress!  It's so cool and comfortable to wear.  I'm going to make another one with just one layer of skirt...

Then this one... I had an idea in my head and it actually turned out how I imagined - when does that ever happen?!  Mmm... It's just a bit too tight as I took it in on the sides because I'm on a diet and plan to lose 7kgs... it just means it's not terribly comfortable right now, but it will be.  I love how it turned out.   The fabric is from Tessuti and so is the lace.  One of the lovely women helped me choose the lace.

Now, unfortunately I don't have a great photo of this one yet... I have to ask my husband to take some.  It's such gorgeous fabric, again from Tessuti, and the pattern is one that I saw made up and feel in love with - Simplicity 2360.  I love it, although after reading some reviews after making mine, I should have added 1 inch to the length of the bodice.  It's so comfy to wear though, and I think looks great.  I will have to get a better shot, sorry!

So, as you can see, I have been very busy... and still have more fabric in the cupboard for more dresses!  It's just finding the time to make them.  My husband isn't very supportive of my sewing, he's seen how much fabric I have stashed and has done some sums in his head - he's not happy.... is your husband supportive of your sewing?  I wish mine was.  Eventually I'd like to get to the point of sewing things with my HUGE stash and selling them, maybe when my babies are a bit bigger...

I am so blessed!!  :)

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