Sunday, October 4, 2009

Three Bananas

Three Bananas - I've finally come up with a label I'm happy with.  It has meaning and it's cute... exactly what I was after!  My Dad always called us the three bananas (I have 2 brothers) and I plan on having 3 bananas of my own so there you go!  I've changed my store but I'm still in the process of changing etsy.  I'm also starting a new blog so I'm not sure how that works, but I'll let you know.  If anyone has any tips that would be great!

A babushka doll appliqued on a linen cushion cover... what do you think?  I've used some of the gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood ribbon!  And another skirt.  They're on my etsy shop and shop..

Sam x


  1. Gorgeous work!!
    I think '3 bananas' is a great name.
    Sorry I'm no help on the technical side but I'm sure it will all come together!!
    Andi :-)

  2. Thanks Kate. I'm not sure if I need to change my blog, what do you think? Three Bananas is already taken so it would have to be The Three Bananas - is that confusing then? Or I could have Three Bananas Blog, or Designs, or Handmade... I'm not sure what to do... what do you think?

  3. Thank you Andi! I checked out your blog, I'm embarrassed that I haven't done it earlier, you have made some beautiful things!!! I'll keep following you! :)